Design / Prototype / Packaging Year: 2006


This design piece, conceived as an assembly kit, provides an understanding of the production process as the product is assembled by the user himself. The high quality of the individual components, which come from different family-run German companies of long standing, is noticeable during the self-assembly process.  

The corkscrew kit project was only made possible with the support of a good network. And that is exactly what this product is all about: appreciation, and a demonstration of how more can be achieved in cooperation. And once the corkscrew has been put together, the hard work is rewarded with a glass of fine wine. 

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Of course it is possible to design a bottle opener that fulfils our high technical standards. With a lever mechanism, vacuum or compressed air technology – there are many different ways of quickly and simply opening a bottle of wine. But currently the most interesting one is the classic corkscrew shape, which is also one of the oldest.

Using this tool tempts us to pause for a moment and appreciate the work of countless hands involved in the production of fine wine, and this corkscrew. This was also honoured by the German Association for Trade and Industry with the FORM 2009 design prize.

The corkscrew kit – a cooperation project.