Design / Production / Sales

Year: since 1995


The jewellery collection has robust and clear lines. The designer’s inspiration is often sourced from nature and faraway places.

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In terms of themes, the jewellery is often defined in series, e.g. the Sepia series, or the Hibiscus series. All pieces of jewellery are handmade in Germany.


Every item of jewellery has its own stamp. This gives information about the material, its fineness and the origin of the piece.


Every piece of jewellery has a story behind it. For example the SEPIA series is made using the backbone of the Ossa Sepia common cuttlefish, which serves as a disposable mould. The calcareous bone is burnt up when the liquid silver is poured into the mould, and the gill-like structure of the shell is revealed in the solidifying silver. The pieces of jewellery created in this way are therefore all unique and the manufacturing process is extremely time-consuming.

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